Friday, April 8, 2011

Love and random thoughts (C)

You want me in your life/ to make a future/ making memories/ your past/ still shadows you #haiku #heart break

From different worlds/ we exist/ coming together/ for a crisis #haiku #Japan

A breeze/ gentle, unseen force/ flows in many directions/ never to give its mystery away. #haiku

Rain falls gently/ flows down my face/ sigh of relief/ tears blend so easily #haiku

Months to years/ years to decades/ love forever/ You, my partner/ My wife #haiku  #love

Her eyes hypnotize/ words consume/ scent relaxes/ touch excites/ my heart/ only for her #haiku #love

A lifetime of opportunity/ Friends forever/ Will never let you down/ Love of friends/ Fortunate to have. #Love

I wake with a smile/ you sleep beside me/ your love warms me/ our touch brings me to life #haiku #random


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